tuna spearfishing floats
Blue Tuna Spearfishing - Tuna 90 float - Green
Blue Tuna Spearfishing - Tuna 90 float - Green front end
Blue Tuna Spearfishing - Tuna 90 float - green top
Blue Tuna Spearfishing - Tuna 90 float - Blue front
Valve view Tuna 90 Float

Blue Tuna Spearfishing - Tuna 90 float

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New taper design in the front to decrease drag. The Tuna 90 is the perfect size to ensure landing big bluefin tuna, yellowfin and other XL Pelagic fish. Heavy duty float construction to ensure a long lasting reliable float. Heavy duty D-ring in front and back for inline use or utility points. D-ring placement on the bottom of the float to gain leverage while pulling up your fish. up to 29 PSI (Use a certified pressure gauge to assure the correct PSI). Rubber holds on both sides of the float. Float compacts down to 17"x5" so it's easy to pack. Comes with inflator adaptor and travel carrying case. High contrast White/Green design easy to spot far away and underwater. 


36"  12"(widest point) x 8" (91.5x30.5x20 cm)
4.45 pounds (2.08 kilograms)
Recommended Pressure (to leave room for heat expansion):
25 PSI (2 bar)


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