• Photo of Gerry F.
    Gerry F.
    Honolulu, HI

    Matt at Blue Tuna Spearfishing was very helpful and knowledgable! The customer service here is unmatched, will definitely be coming back. Plus the prices are best i've seen!


  • Photo of Cole M.
    Cole M.
    Charlotte, NC

    Matt went above and beyond to help me with my purchase. Made a lifelong customer out of me because he treated me like a person and not just another sale or number.

    Photo of John A.

  • John A.
    San Francisco, CA

    Great company! Great staff! Great Gear!

    Can't recommend them highly enough

    They got me set up and started!


    Photo of Mike K.

  • Mike K.
    Camarillo, CA

    This is a great store!!!  Customer service is beyond excellent. The owner Matt and Mason love spearfishing and can answer any question that you may have. I have bought stuff here and they have fixed stuff for me too. Highly recommend if you are a beginner looking for info or a seasoned diver looking to talk story and buy some new tech stuff. Prices seem to fair. They sell a range of gear from entry level (cheaper) to full custom as well as all the parts and stuff that you need to build or repair stuff on your own.  Love this place!!!

  • Photo of Conner R.
    Conner R.
    Oxnard, CA

    Blue Tuna Spearfishing is by far the best service in a dive shop you could ever get, matt will always take care of you and make sure you are %100 satisfied with your gear and pass on the knowledge to make diving an awesome experience no matter weather you are experienced or novice no judgment ever, they are just genuinely excited for ya. Truly an awesome place thanks BTS for all you do!

    Photo of william l.

  • william l.
    Thousand Oaks, CA

    Nice guys very helpful and knowledgeable,
    Just bought all new gear from them.
    Thanks guys!!

    Photo of Stu H.

  • Stu H.
    Ventura, CA

    When you walk into BTS you instantly feel welcomed.  Being new to the sport, I had what seemed like an endless number of questions.  Matt and Mason happily introduced me to the sport and with their wealth of knowledge answered all of my gear questions.  The prices here are great and you can purchase with confidence knowing that blue tuna stands behind the products they sell.


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    Photo of Matt D.

    Matt D.

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  • Photo of Tobyn M.
    Tobyn M.
    Oxnard, CA

    Mason is the guys to see. He will get you set up and he will make sure you are satisfied. Definitely a professional establishment here! I am a beginner and he was patient with me and explained everything I needed to know. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

    Photo of Debra M.

  • Debra M.
    Oxnard, CA
    First to Review

    My husband just bought a dive suit here. Good prices and service .
    He will be back for more supplies.


  • Photo of Eddie Z.
    Eddie Z.
    Ridgely's Delight, Baltimore, MD

    I'm a complete noob to the sport and these guys were super helpful in helping me get started up. They answered any questions I had and explained everything I needed to know. Highly recommend this place to anyone interested in getting into the sport!

  • Photo of Kirk R.
    Kirk R.
    Oxnard, CA

    Matt is an outstanding individual.  He's helped with all my spearfishing gear thru out the years. The shop has all your needs to get started with free diving/spearfishing whether you're a beginner or a veteran.

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    Photo of Matt D.

    Matt D.

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  • Photo of Dr. B.
    Dr. B.
    Glendale, CA

    this place is amazing.. got set up with a nose to toes new free dive kit.. matt couldn't have been nicer and knowledgeable about what i wanted and needed.. great pricing and understanding!!!!!

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    Photo of Matt D.

    Matt D.

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  • Photo of Robby H.
    Robby H.
    Ventura, CA

    Blue Tuna has an amazing selection of products at very competitive prices. Customer service is on point with any and all needs!


    Photo of Matthew M.

  • Matthew M.

    Matt is an awesome dude. Super knowledgeable and helpful. I am new to the sport and he really helped me out. His prices are great and his store is very cool and well set up. Not getting gear from anywhere else.

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    Photo of Matt D.

    Matt D.

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  • Photo of Eddie Z.
    Jamie S.
    Ventura, CA

    Anyone can open a shop, whether it be surfing, diving, spearfishing.  What makes a shop really  stand out is the owner and the attitude of the shop.  I've been into so many surf and dive shops where if you're you're not a local, or you're new to the sport, or you didn't just walk right out of a Billabong ad, you really don't get a lot of attention unless you ask for it.  This shop is run by a guy named Matt, who is probably the nicest person I have ever met.  He will do whats right, not whats right for his pocket.  If you're a brand-new-interested-but-total-newbie like me, or you're an experienced spearfisherman like my husband and many of his clients worldwide, he treats you like a friend, with respect, values, and honesty.  On top of that, he has great inventory, can set you up completely and give you great opinions on everything you want to know about spearfishing.  He also has the most STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL guns I've ever seen that make you want to hang it above your couch in your living room, and sells all this quality at a great price.  

    This guy epitomizes what the heart of Ventura stands for - down home, honest, and friendly,  and is just doing things right.  I wholeheartedly recommend him for any of your spearfishing needs.  I wish more shops of any business were run the way he runs his.

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    Photo of Matt D.

    Matt D.

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  • Photo of Eddie Z.
    Brian T.
    Santa Barbara, CA

    Hands down the best dive shop I have shopped at. I bought my gun, wetsuit, fins mask and snorkel and many other accessories for my gun and my spear diving adventures here. Matt is very knowledgeable and very helpful. This shop is out of the way for me but it is totally worth the drive. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking to get into the sport at any level. This shop is one of the best !!!!


Fast shipping with Blue Tuna! Way to go Matt!

Grant Martin


Absolutely pleased with the level of service and information i received from Blue Tuna Spearfishing. Great company to work with. I will be buying exclusively from these guys from this point on!

jim mauradian


just bought another andre euro,the 144 et w/tin man,andre ar handle.shoots like a lazer.i can not say enough great things about matt blue tuna.if you are buying your gear somewhere else you are missing out on the best service and prices that you can get!!!!!!!!!

Batt, Okinawa


I cannot thank you enough for working with me so intently when I ordered from you. Your customer service sensibility is light years beyond any business I've ever dealt with. I will definitely seek to continue to do business with you.

Laurie Slaven


Thanks Matt, thanks for the wonderfully accommodating demeanor, the can and will do approach to your customers will guarantee return visits from me and I am certain all the other people who visit your site and do business with you all. Those who don't like that kind of royal treatment and service, well, I don't know what to tell ya all, other than wake up, cos heres where its at! Just MHO.


Ted G



Super stoked on the purchase of the 160. I used it for Doggies, Yellowfin, and Wahoo. It shoots on target every time. I stoned the first Doggie I saw at a twenty foot range. I appreciate not having to "rig" the gun to get it dialed in. It's completely set correctly for accuracy and mobility. I can't give a higher recommendation. I purchased sever custom guns that don't come close. Also, I appreciate the service. So, thanks. Be glad to recommend this gun to anyone. 

Eric Stevenson


Blue Tuna just became my new fav spot for all my gear. Matt was extremely helpful and made sure that I was taken care of 100%. Shipping was quick (I live in Panama), and the order arrived in full with no complaints. Can't wait to try my new carbon fins out! Thanks again BTS, you guys rock!

aijah thompson


Very satisfied with my wetsuit purchase. 

bought a hexskin wetsuit from spetton and i am invisible on the hawaii reef. 

Shipping to hawaii was quick and product and price was good as well. Recommend this website for any diver on the islands 



thank you for your professionalism and going beyond the call of duty to help a client in need out.


Blue Tuna is a customer service God! My order is filled accurately and fast. When I need spearo gear BTS is my choice!

Justin K.


As a local in the Channel Islands area I have found it difficult to find a store with more than one or two low volume freediving masks to try. Matt had a whole selection of the very best and helped me make sure that I got one that fit. I took it out in the water and it was a world of difference. Thanks Matt!



Matt has the best prices for Rob Allen gear anywhere. I am killing it in Okinawa with my RA Vecta 2 1300!

John C, Camarillo Ca


Thank you very much Matt! Blue Tuna really came through with great gear on time at a great price. You guys really are a one stop shop for all of a spearo's needs.

P. Greenwood 


This is Justin from san Diego ca Matt is the coolest guy always hooking it up his guns are super rad i have 3 can't step away from his guns they are like a lazer so accurate its intense from scuba to freediving he is the man thanks Matt for all the great fish!!!!!!!!!

justin hightshoe


To Blue Tuna Spearfishing- Further to my recent purchase of a Platinum 165 speargun. I currently own several other brands of spearguns. This Platinum 165 is a seriously nice speargun. It is well finished, well designed and a super bargain. I closely examined every aspect of this gun. This gun is without a doubt twice the value of any other speargun and the full equal in fit and finish. It blows the other Blue Water Spearguns away in value considering that other spearguns needs the optional wings to keep recoil manageable.I would not hesitate in any fashion to buy another and am seriously thinking of e-baying my current guns and replacing them with these. These are standup people to deal with. They sell a superior gun at unbeatable value.

Will D


Got the reel today and mounted fine, ready to pop a big amberjack this weekend! Thanks for assistance and rapid shipping, couldn't ask for better transaction....



just bought carbon fins. great price,bad ass fins.like using a scooter.

jim mauradian


Hi I amn Cameron Nizdil and I am 17 years old. We recently did a sea trial on our newly refurbished boat, the Mackenzie Rae, and after getting the okay on everything was working fine...we set out. Santa Cruz Island, Saturday April 18th, I speared an estimated 75 pound white sea bass with my andre speargun.... As soon as it was in the boat I knew I had shot the fish of my life, we guessed it's weight to be around 60 pounds or less, but when we made it back to the launch ramp we borrowed a scale...it weighed in at 67 pounds gutted. Thought you might enjoy this. I couldn't be more happy with the performace of this gun. Thanks for a great product.

Cameron Nizdil


I used my Platinum 165 all last week at San Benitos Island. Most importantly, the GUN SHOOTS SCARY STRAIGHT!!!!!!! Secondly, the power at 20 foot plus in devastating to the Fish on the other end!!!! While Diving with a Cencal team member he couldn't get close to a large yellow tail. I shot the fish while he watched because I had the range. He was very impressed with the power and accuracy. The design on the wings allows for great lateral movement as well on great vertical mobility. The mid-handle balanced the gun perfectly!!! The tip maintained the point the entire trip. Line release pocket is NICE & easy to load. The gun was also the best looking gun on the boat.

William Corn


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, The suit made it in time for a wonderful Christmas at our home. Thank you all so much for making this happen. A very satisfied customer, Janet



Happy Holidays to all you spearos! I cant say enough about my Andre mid-handle 144! I live on the east coast of Florida, and hunt in a variety of environments ranging from inshore reefs to blue water and the 144 has been my main gun of choice for all scenarios. It's craftsmanship is superb; I have owned it for over 6 years, and besides basic teak maintenance, I have had no problems. The mid-handle gun swings very well for the reef settings and packs the punch for those long range shots. I highly recommend this gun for all levels of spearfisherman. Safe hunting!