white seabass season 2024

White Seabass Season


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      Are you ready for White Seabass Season? We are!!

      White Seabass always show up in March & April.

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      Don't wait for the reports, be the one giving the reports!

      The squid  have been around the Malibu and the Channel Islands since late 2023 and into 2024. White seabass are known to prey on squid, and their presence in an area can be influenced by the abundance of squid, which is a preferred food source.

      As White Seabass start spawning they move to shallow coastal waters in the spring. This is the prime time for Spearos to take their shot!

      We look forward to an epic year of hunting White Seabass. Nobody wants a story about the fish that got away. Do your best to prepare for the season & have your gear dialed. Start envisioning the white seabass that will be passing in front of you as you peak between the kelp stalks. Be ready to swing & shoot!

      Go through your gear and make sure you are prepared.

      Will you be warm enough? Is your suit getting tattered? WSB season can get cold. It's often overcast and the spring winds bring the thermoclines in shallow. You will be moving very slow to not spook fish, so your wetsuit will be critical. Make you stay warm and update your wetsuit. Our FishSkin camo wetsuit we designed specifically to hunt white seabass.

      Looking for white seabass can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The Scout SUP is the perfect tool to get a view high above the kelp bed to spot seabass. If one kelp bed isn't producing, the Scout makes it easy to check multiple kelp beds.

      Secure your fish. Check your slip tip. Did you bend it last season? It's crucial that it functions perfectly. When you tilt your shaft at a 45 degree angle the Slip Tip should fall away. Slip tips that resist deployment will result in tearing out of the fish. 

      Secure your Speargun. Use a Floatline. We recommend 82' floatline. White seabass can take off in a hurry. Have enough floatline to return to the surface and do a 50' run without taking your speargun. 

      Are you using the right size and style speargun for White Seabass? Check out the Midhandle Series and our new Video on size recommendations.

      Want the Latest & Greatest Speargun? Check out Inverted 125 & the Inverted 150 , the most advanced in power and accuracy.

      Baller on a Budget? Check out the Ironwood Series & Spearo Series

      Happy hunting & Safe Diving! BTS

      13 products

      13 products