Sportube Series 2 Speargun Hard Case - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
Sportube Series 2 Speargun Hard Case - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
Sportube Series 2 Speargun Hard Case - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
Sportube Series 2 Speargun Hard Case - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
Sportube Series 2 Speargun Hard Case - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co

Sportube Series 2 Speargun Hard Case

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Welcomed by airlines and shippers, this strong, solid case is made from impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene to protect your expensive spearguns. Sportube spearguns and spearfishing Gear cases are designed to protect valuable sports equipment from the abuses of airlines while traveling or shipping by carriers. Additionaly, wet gear is stored and strapped to the roof of a vehicle to protect your vehicle from salt water, dirt and grime. Includes the Easy Pull Handle.

  • Holds several spearguns and shafts, telescoping to adjust to the length of your spearguns/shafts--up to 83 in or 210cm; foam pads at each end cushion and protect spearguns
  • Wheels make it super-easy to maneuver and transport; simply pull it through the airport or across the parking lot
  • Can be securely strapped to most car top racks for vehicular transportation
  • High-density polyethylene is cold- and impact-resistant to withstand winter temperatures without cracking and rough treatment from baggage handlers
  • Wheels are made from high-impact rubber with steel bearings for long-lasting durability
  • Adjustable shoulder strap can be detached for shipping

Made in USA

All Sportube cases are constructed from High Density Polyethylene, which while being strong and durable is very lightweight. This ensures that divers’ equipment will be better protected against the abuses of airline check-in or shipping by carriers such as UPS and FedEx.

Improved Maneuverability

All Sportube cases include molded rubber wheels and wire case pin. An ergonomic handle location, along with the new ’Easy-Pull’ accessory nose handle makes the Sportube very maneuverable, taking the pain and sweat out of those trips from the parking lot and through the airport.

Easy Fitting

Superior design allows each Sportube to adjust in length to accommodate countless types of equipment in all shapes and sizes. Additionally, closed-cell foam padding allows a tight fit without risk of damage.

Secure and Convenient

When traveling, security and convenience is particularly important – the Sportube can be locked for security and easily checked, shipped or strapped to the roof of a car for simple, safe transportation to the water.


Sportube was chosen by the USA Spearfishing Team for the safety,security, and ease in packing and traveling. In one Series-3 Sportube I was able to carry 9 guns, a full suit, a pair of fins and most of my small accessories. They are easy to adjust to any size load and have a durable set of wheels for easy travel.

Mike McGuire
4x National Champion
2x Time USA Team Member

Your lightweight and very durable Sportube product enabled me to take the necessary spearguns and dive equipment I needed yet stayed within the rigid checked luggage weight restrictions when traveling to Iquique, Chile last year. After 34 hours of flight and four plane changes, it was reassuring to know that my three Daryl Wong spearguns & shafts, Matrix fiberglass fins and other dive gear traveled without harm (or extra baggage fees!) in my Series-2 Sportube. Thank you for having such a reliable product!

Brandi Easter
2004 Women’s Team USA Member
2x Women’s US National Champion

 Technical Specifications (interior dimensions)
adjustable length
Series 1
6 5/8"
48" to 83"
Series 2
48" to 83"
Series 3
14 1/2"
7 7/8"
42" to 72"

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