SEAC Makaira 2mm Wetsuit
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SEAC Makaira 2mm Wetsuit

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The new suit for diving and spearfishing MAKAIRA , is designed in two pieces to provide greater comfort and functionality. It is made of high resistance and soft nylon, with a thickness of 2MM for greater protection.

Internally it has a Microporous fabric finish. Its design beautifully shapes your body, generating a feeling of comfort. In the areas of the arms and legs, its seams are inclined to provide greater freedom of movement.

It features a zippered beaver-tail hoodie for added comfort. At the level of the sternum, the manufacturer reinforced it with Supratex fabric.

Seac Makaira 2mm Camo Spearfishing Wetsuits for Man Two-Pieces Design.

This unique Seac Makaira Camo wetsuit is made to make you feel comfortable safe over AND under water.Its soft Neoprene Fabric keeps your suit softly applied on your body, without suffocating your neck or your wrists.Lightweight strong - all you need to dive safely into the water and surf with no worries about the suit being damaged in any way.Remain Warm Underwater - Free Dive without Chills - Be Safe From Sunburns and able to withstand high pressure colder environments.

Fear no more of harmful sun rays - the wet suit protects you from sunburn no matter how long you stay in the sun.


2-mm jacket with built-in hood, beavertail closure with double clip toggle and high-waisted pants.

Outer lining:

Nylon BFB with special exclusive Seac three-dimensional camouflage pattern in bluepurple.

Inner lining:

smooth Nylon.

Outer seams:

double-thread flat stitched.

High resistance to abrasions.

Anatomic cut:

fit carefully designed with particular attention to the circumferences to obtain high levels of comfort.

Arms and legs:

pre-formed and pre-angled.

Wrists and ankles:

cuffs finished with Lycra superelastic

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