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Rob Allen Hard Floats - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co

Rob Allen Hard Floats

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The Rob Allen Hard Floats can now come in a new 7 Liter & 12 Liter design. The new profile packs up in your Sportube much better than the older models. We took this float out and gave it a good run in the clearest water we’ve seen all year. We really liked the way it sat in the water, highly visible to boat traffic and really tough.  New design shapes tow well behind boats for drift dives.

The Rob Allen Float has a very tough Polyethylene Outer Shell with your choice of either a hollow core or a foamfilled core.The Polyethylene shell is the same material that kayaks are made out of. They can take an absolute beating and still perform.

Rob Allen are made with a hard polyethylene shell that is then foam blown with a formula able to withstand water pressure without crushing or leaking. The improved shape is much quicker through the water and designed to tow easily through the surf. 

Rob Allen has long been considered the industry leader in rigid float design for many years now and their new range of Rigid Float's blows the competition out of the water....literally!

The Rob Allen floats have been manufactured from a tough polyethylene shell which is then air filled for maximum lift and buoyancy.

 In addition the Rob Allen Rigid Float offers resistance against drag from large fish helping to wear them down sooner and make dispatching times quicker and easier.

Rob Allen hard floats are ready to go out of the box and includes a stainless steel long line clip as standard so you can easily attach your floatlines and accessories.

In the past many ultra large fish have been lost by spearos due to inadequate float systems rather than by spears breaking loose. This is why the Rob Allen Rigid Floats have been designed to be used in conjunction with a variety of add-ons that enhance their performance to keep you in contact with that “once in a lifetime” trophy fish.

In addition the new design of the Rob Allen Rigid Floats provides a Self Upright Standing design which ensures that your dive flag is always upright (keel weight, flag/mast sold separately).

It is for these reasons that the Rob Allen Rigid Floats are definitely regarded as the industry leader in rigid float design.



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