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HI-VIS yellow spectra reel line 560 lb strength per foot

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This line deploy off the spool the best. It has a nice wax coating thatlimits the friction, improving it's performance when shooting near structure. Furthermore, it's the most durable. Some lines people claim to be "spectra" or "dyneema" but they're not telling you that it's only a small percentage of spectra on the exterior and the internal core is a weak nylon cord. Our spectra is 100% braided spectra. 


Speargun Reel Line

Wishbone Line

• Spectra Reel Line - 15 times stronger than steel, ultra abrasion resistant and light weight. Positive buoyancy, so that it floats. It's the best material on the market. • 1.85 mm diameter Hi-Vis • 802 Pound Strength, Downgrade for knots, Knicks...etc. to 641 pound Strength. History and information about Spectra® fiber In the mid 1980s, AlliedSignal Inc. (now Honeywell) introduced Spectra® fiber. An entirely new type of synthetic yarn, it was one of the first commercially available extended chain, high-modulus polyethylene fiber. Because Spectra® fiber is a polyethylene with a carbon-to-carbon molecular structure like that of a diamond it creates a continuous filament yarn with incredible performance and endurance. Pound-for-pound ten times stronger than steel yet light enough to float, Spectra® fiber is one of the world’s strongest and lightest manmade fibers. Spectra® fiber applications include cut protection, ropes and cordage, vehicular and personal armor, and fishing line, as well as various specialty applications. Spectra® fiber is used in specialized sewing thread, tethers used in space by NASA and high-tech sailcloth composites for America’s Cup sailboats. It is a rip-stop reinforcement for luggage fabric, as well as a yarn used in parachute cords, kite line, dental floss, mammoth commercial fishing nets and dozens of other applications where the fiber's great strength, light weight and endurance are critical. Spectra® fiber is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. A bright white polyethylene, it is, pound-for-pound, ten times stronger than steel, more durable than polyester and has a specific strength that is 40 percent greater than aramid fiber. Spectra® fiber is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is used in a patented gel-spinning process. Polyethylene is a remarkably durable plastic, and scientists at Spectra Technologies have captured the tremendous natural strength in the molecular backbone of this everyday plastic to create one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. The gel-spinning process and subsequent drawing steps allow Spectra® fiber to have a much higher melting temperature than standard polyethylene. With outstanding toughness and extraordinary visco-elactic properties, Spectra® fiber can withstand high-load strain-rate velocities. Light enough to float, it also exhibits high resistance to chemicals, water, and ultraviolet light. It has excellent vibration damping, flex fatigue and internal fiber-friction characteristics, and Spectra® fiber’s low dielectric constant makes it virtually transparent to radar. Spectra® fiber is used in numerous high-performance applications, including police and military ballistic-resistant vests, helmets and armored vehicles, as well as sailcloth, fishing lines, marine cordage, lifting slings, and cut-resistant gloves and apparel. Honeywell also converts Spectra® fiber into the Spectra Shield® family of specialty composites for armor and other applications.

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