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200-300-400 lb Test Monofilament Speargun Shooting Line

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200LB, 300LB and 400LB speargun shooting line. High Strength Speargun Shooting Line. Crimp the monofilament to your shaft and shoot away! Offered in the following colors: black, clear and a NEW High Visibility Blue and Red monofilament Spearfishing Line!

Keep your line fresh. Knicks in the shooting line can result in loosing gear & your fish!

Sold in lengths of 25ft, 100ft, 200ft or a bulk spool of ~2500ft.

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Bob M
Let it sit in the sun a few days before installing it

My experience with monofilament shooting line over the years has been that it gets shorter (shrinks quickly) after being in the sun and saltwater, which puts more strain on the shooting bungee and release lever. This year I've started buying it in bulk and then leave the line outside in the sunlight for 2-3 days. That way, if I need to replace the line while out on a dive, I can install the new line at the correct length and crimp it in place.

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