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We have until March 14 at noon PST to submit letters.

This is Matt Davidson.  I am a freediver, spearfisherman, surfer, fisherman, family man, and the proud owner of a local spearfishing business in Ventura, California.  We, at Blue Tuna, are strongly opposed to California Department of Fish and Game, Petition 2023-33, which proposes the extension of Marine Protected Areas, (MPA), on the kelp beds off the coast of California.

We understand the significance of addressing environmental concerns, specifically those related to kelp reduction due to climate change. However, We firmly believe that the proposed measure of closing down fishing in these waters is illogical and not a viable solution to the underlying issue.

Fishing in these waters, practiced responsibly by individuals does not contribute to kelp reduction. It appears counterintuitive to associate non-commercial fishing restrictions with kelp protection. Instead, we advocate for exploring alternative and more targeted strategies to address the root causes of kelp decline.

Implementation of these MPAs negatively impact individuals who are not only passionate about ocean-related activities but also fervent supporters of the Department of Fish & Game. Many of us share a vested interest in ensuring the health of our oceans and the environment at large.

In addition, MPAs have a significant fiscal impact on local communities and the state.  In a 2009 assessment of the effect of MPAs on the California economy* chalk up losses in excess of $2.5 billion dollars annually, nearly 16,000 jobs would be lost, and state tax revenues would fall by over $250 million - these are 2009 dollars! 

Our experiences, whether playing in the waves, spearfishing, or diving together, transcend mere recreation. They foster a profound connection with the ocean, an understanding of our food sources, and a sense of stewardship and responsibility toward preserving our precious resources.

Throughout these experiences, we have opportunities to explore a variety of lessons, from general species identification to the anatomy of fish and their dietary habits. These lessons contribute to a broader understanding of the marine ecosystem and our role as responsible stewards.

The link below is to the CA Fish and Game Department.  You can leave your comments directly here:   Please leave your comments by end of day, Tuesday, March 12th, 2024, 5pm Standard Pacific Time. 

AND please leave your comments here too, opposing expansion of the Marine Protection Area that, if approved, will be imposed on kelp beds along the coast of California.



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Thank you @allwaters_org for being proactive on this issue. Well said @kyle_tman and Randy Garrett. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise as they relate to the proposed Marine Protected Areas.

We have until March 14 at noon PST to submit letters. Continue to submit your letters to the DFG at this email address - flood their inbox. Use the example above and on our website to help you form your letter. Email Subject: Opposed to Petition 2023-33 MPA, Body: Introduce yourself and explain why you think closing down fishing with the idea that it will protect kelp from climate change is illogical and how it would negatively impact you.