Into the Abyss: Spearfishing Yellowtail Amidst Seal Colony

Welcome, fellow underwater adventurers, to a tale that plunges us into the depths of excitement of spearfishing yellowtail. Join us as we explore the heart-pounding experience of hunting yellowtail at a 60-ft drop-off, where the lively presence of seals adds a dynamic layer to this aquatic pursuit.

Picture this: turquoise waters giving way to an abyssal drop-off, a threshold where the ocean's embrace becomes infinitely deep. Our destination, a renowned spot for yellowtail, lures spearos seeking the thrill of hunting these strong pelagic fish! 

As I start my descent, I clear my mind the anticipation . The equipment is meticulously chosen – I have my Midhandle 145, a powerful speargun for the task,  and I'm weighted to be neutrally buoyant at 33 ft since I'll be diving deeper today to reach the pinnacle at 60 ft, it's crucial that I'm weighted safely to avoid shallow water black out. The sealife-rich waters beckon us, promising an encounter with the prized yellowtail.

As I approach the 60-ft mark, the underwater landscape transforms. The visibility goes from greenish to clear and blue. This isn't just a hunting ground; it's a seal playground. Graceful and agile, these marine acrobats surround us, their playful curiosity adding a layer of complexity to the hunt. Among them, elusive yellowtail pass through the outter edges of the pinnacle, their fork yellow color tail standing out against the deep blue.

The challenge intensifies as I feel the current resist my hold on the reef, strategically navigating the seal playground and kicking beyond the reef to split the underwater current. Stealth becomes paramount as a school of yellowtail approach– a dance between staying alert enough to take a shot at the only opportunity and diverting my eyes to avoid scaring off the fish. 

A shadow emerges from the depths – a majestic yellowtail, its streamlined form a testament to the ocean's grace. With heartbeats echoing in the silence, we wait for the opportune moment. I open and close my hand to draw the curiosity of the yellowtail.

With precision, the speargun is aimed, I track the fish to ensure the best shot is taken. Crack! The sound of my bands explode from pulling the trigger at just the right moment! The shot lands on the yellow lateral line, just behind the gill plate. The yellowtail reacts, the dance now a duel. The fight is on, a test of strength, skill, and composure. The seals, aware of the commotion, observe the spectacle, it's critical to pull this fish to the surface before a seal takes the fish from me or draws anymore unwanted attention. 

As I ascend, I pull the line up with me, and one seal with its mouth wide open charges at the yellowtail. I give one big pull on the line, drawing the yellowtail closer to me, and the seal breaks away, fading into the depths. Six big pulls on the reel line, and the yellowtail is secured, a testament to the skill and patience of spearfishing these strong fish. This leaves us with a sense of accomplishment and awe. Back on the surface, the vibrant catch becomes a celebration, a culinary journey that transforms the hunt into a delicious feast.

Spearfishing yellowtail at a 60-ft drop-off surrounded by seals is not merely a hunt; it's a narrative woven with the threads of challenge, strategy, and the vibrant life that thrives beneath the waves. It's an immersion into the wonders of the ocean, where every dive tells a story and every catch is a celebration of the sea's bounty. Thanks for joining us on this underwater odyssey, where the depths hold both challenges and tasty treasures! Tune in next time & Happy Hunting! 


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