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Self Inflating CO2 Carter Float

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Auto Inflating Co2 Carter Spearfishing Float

Our Co2 activated Carter Floats makes retrieving a white sea bass that has wrapped itself up in kelp a breeze and it is also great for getting fish out of holes. Once your fish is speared, swim down and clip the Carter float onto your shaft, sliptip, floatline or your shooting line and PULL the auto inflation lever to activate the Carter Float’s CO2 cartridge.

The 38 Gram Co2 cartridge that we offer is plenty to Fully inflate the Carter Float at depth. As the Float heads toward the surface the gas inside begins expanding. To vent any excess gas as the float rises our Co2 Carter Float has a built in safety relief valve that automatically vents any excess gas and also maintains a safe internal pressure.

This float also includes an oral inflate valve if you don’t want to use the CO2 cartridge when sending fish to the surface. When deflated the float is light weight, and easily collapsed, making it ideal for travel and storage.

You can add a 38 gram cylinder CO2 cartridge for auto inflation.

The Carter Float  has a oral inflation valve and over pressure valve.

In addition to floating fish, these floats can serve other purposes; their buoyancy makes them ideal small lift bags and their bright color makes them great dive markers and they can be orally inflated and used as an emergency signally device.

Used mainly for hunting White Sea Bass in California, or Grouper in Mexico, the Carter Spearfishing Float is an essential piece of spearfishing gear.

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