Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag
Reliable fish bag

Reliable fish bag

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RF1836 736211180872 18"X36" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF2048 736211180971 20"X48" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF2060 689076316491 20"X60" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF2072 736211181077 20"X72" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF2460 689076316590 24"X60" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF2848 689076316392 28"X48" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF3060 689076316699 30"X60" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF3072 689076316798 30"X72" INSULATED KILL BAG
RF3090 689076316897 30"X90" INSULATED KILL BAG

RF2036YAK 748252949226 20"X36" INSULATED KAYAK BAG
RF4090BB 748252949127 40"X90" BILL FISH BLANKET
RF60126BB 748252949325 60"X126" BILL FISH BLANKET
All Reliable Fish Bags are made of:
-Heavy duty 18 OZ vinyl
-1/2" dense closed cell Foam
-Drain plug on all bags
-UV/Mildew resistant thread (double stitched)
-Non-corrosive YKK zippers
-Heavy duty carrying handles on 30 x 72" & 30 x 90" bags
All of Reliable fish bags are 12" wide at the bottom for greater capacity. The first dimension is the height and the second is the length at the zipper. The base is 12" less in length than the zipper length on all bags as shown.

Reliable Fishing Products was founded in 2003 as a hobby, and now makes the best kill bags on the market!

Why bring blood on your deck or have bulky coolers in your cockpit? Reliable Fishing Products insulated kill bags hold more fish and alleviate the smells associated with putting fish in your fish holds. Insulated kill bags hold ice for days and collapse for storage. You will not find a better bag on the market!

Reliable insulated kill bags are available in a variety of sizes to suit every application. The bags are great to carry on any size boat and will allow you to properly care for your catch; ensuring top condition, ready to be weighed for the tournament prize or ready to be served for dinner.

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