BTS Hydro™ Roller Carbon Speargun 90-100-110-120cm

BTS Hydro™ Roller Carbon Speargun 90-100-110-120cm

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BTS Hydro Carbon Speargun 90-100-110-120cm

The Hydro Spearguns come fully rigged and ready to shoot! Speargun comes rigged inline with two wraps of mono, a muzzle bungee, and two 16mm bands.

The bands are staged to different heights so that when they're loaded they sit more inline with the shaft for less drag, better power and accuracy.

This speargun has the most comfort grip with smooth curves. The ergonomic grip seats in the palm of the hand very nicely. It's even comfortable to hold upside down when swimming around. 

Integrated rail to guide the shaft down the barrel, better accuracy and quieter than partial tracks. Carbon Fiber spearguns are quieter and make less noise than metal spearguns. The integral rail is part of the barrel, thus increasing stiffness and reducing flex. 

NEW 316Ti stainless steel titanium mechanism, housing, trigger and sear. Reverse mechanism loads in the rear of the mech so it gives you 10-15cm more band pull than other brands, so a 95cm will be comparable to the power of a 110cm in other brands, but it will be more compact. 

Hydro Carbon Fiber Spearguns are available in lengths from 90 cm to 120 cm. 


  • All 316ti stainless steel titanium mechanism, trigger, line release, sear and housing
  • Reverse mechanism, gives 10-15cm more band pull than other brands
  • Comes with butt load extension
  • soft rubber butt load pad w/ grip texture
  • shark fin shaft w/ rest tab
  • forward facing line guide integrated into muzzle
  • larger line release to accommodate multiple wraps of 200-400lb mono 
  • trigger safety
  • comfortable grip 
  • Cuttlefish design for more mass, less recoil & better accuracy
  • Tapered Reel Mount, for easy reel install and take off

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