floatline breakaway adapter
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BTS Floatline Breakaway Adapter

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Just clip your floatline off on the spectra loop and you're ready for big game!

Better aim - the adapter is 18" long, so it drops it off the back of your speargun so the floatline doesn't pull as hard near your hand. This give you better movement in your wrist and allows for better aiming. 

Preserves the speargun - often times when you clip a large tuna clip off on your shooting line, the tuna clip scratches the wood (aluminum or carbon). The adapter drops the tuna clip off the back of the speargun so you don't have the scratching and it's quieter too! 

Made in USA

-heavy duty marine bungee

-700lb USA spectra - Back Braided for Ultimate Strength

-Ball Bearing Swivel Clips 

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