BTS Carbonfiber Fins installed in BTS foot pocket - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
BTS Carbonfiber Fins - Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
BTS Carbonfiber Fins 2x2 Carbon- Blue Tuna Spearfishing Co
BTS Carbonfiber Fins - Bottom view
BTS Carbonfiber Fins - In foot pocket

BTS Carbonfiber Fins

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BTS Footpocket Size

Full length rubber rail for protection, hydrodynamic stability and for silent swimming.

Made from Hand-laminated mixture of resins with carbon fiber, processed in molds under a vacuum.

22 degree blade angle to optimize the power of the push through the water relative to effort. The blades are produced in a low modular polypropylene.

Warranty: One year full warranty for materials and craftsmanship


Footpockets Set.

Our new Hydro Foot Pockets offer the best in performance, fit and comfort. 

The Hydro footpocket shape is wider and taller at the front & top of the foot to reduce pressure on the foot that would cause cramping or discomfort. This shape ensures a better fit for most divers.

The angle between foot-pocket and blade is 22 degrees for more natural ergonomics. The blade angle makes surface kicking and deep diving more efficient and comfortable. The thermo rubber design of the footpocket is three part:

1.) slightly softer compound around the foot to increases comfort, reduce cramping or pressure
2.) slightly stiffer and thicker compound in the base of the footpocket to best transfer energy to the blades
3.) The tendon was made slightly shorter and more flexible to ensure you get the best flex to the blade, allowing it to be loaded with the energy to maximize propulsion. 


Available in sizes

  • EU 39-40,  Fits US 6-7.5
  • EU 41-42,  Fits US 8-9.5
  • EU 43-44, Fits US 10-11.5
  • EU 45-46, Fits US 12-13

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Kelly Ruiz
Amazing fins

Love them they are great amazing service as well!

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