Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - rear view with loaded bands
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - Line guide
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 Pully system
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 -fully loaded bottom view
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - Fully loaded side view
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - Top view
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - Fully loaded side view
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 -Line release
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 Slip tip system
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - Line release and loaded shaft
Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165 - Muzzle view
Andre Inverted Roller Reel Mount AR Handle
New Andre Inverted Roller Reel Mount Handle

Andre Spearguns - Inverted Roller 150-165

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150cm uses 9mm shaft w/ 4 band sets

165cm uses 9.5mm shaft w/ 4 band sets

Amazing power and little to no recoil! This is and ideal speargun to blue water hunt big game fish like wahoo or tuna. The cuttlefish shape allows the speargun to cut through the water effortlessly while tracking fish. You will not even notice that you are carrying a blue water speargun.

Staged Band loading - Several sets of bands make it easier to load and more powerful. If you want a super powerful and maneuverable roller...this is it! The Andre Inverted Roller Series is extremely accurate without the harsh recoil of a traditional 5-6 band spearguns. 

The Andre Inverted Roller Series has a 3.5" euro handle position to maximize the band loading space, while giving you a more natural aim. 

Ermes Sub Double Roller Mechanism - industry crown jewel with outstanding performance. Unique ball roller that drops vertical and spins to prevent sear scarring for high powered spearguns. Even on a 5+ band speargun it will maintain the smoothest trigger pull. 

Carbon fiber stringers limit the flex under load and provide rigidity for the stock to maximize accuracy.  

New custom ergonomic right or left handed teakwood grips designed to improve comfortable, secure grip that minimizes hand fatigue, enhances trigger control, and improves speargun handling. A wide, hand-filling palm swell and gently curved finger grooves provide plenty of support, to help you maintain a firm grip with wet hands.  

This is an excellent speargun for the biggest Pelagic fish like Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowtail or Tuna!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Experience the difference with your new Andre Inverted Roller!

Heavy-Duty laminate teak stock w/ carbon fiber stringers & ballasted from front to back. The carbon fiber stringers keep the stock rigid and straight and make the roller speargun more accurate than an enclosed track.

INVERTED ROLLER 57.5" (150cm) Features:  

  • Stock length - 57.5 inches (145cm)
  • Shaft Diameter - 9mm x 144cm (56.5") Threaded (Flopper Shafts available)
  • Tip - Slip Tip
  • Shooting Range 27'8" feet


Power Band Lengths: 

  • Top Line Pull - 47.5"
  • Bottom Bands:
    • 1st - stretches through speargun to top line anchors 16mm x 20" (each side)
    • 2nd - 16mm x 12" (each side)
    • 3rd - 16mm x 26" (continuous band)

Band Stretch: 

  • Bottom Bands:
    • 1st - 76"
    • 2nd - 43"
    • 3rd - 45"

INVERTED ROLLER 65" (165cm) Features:  

  • Stock length - 65 inches (165cm)
  • Shaft Diameter - 9.5mm 
  • Tip - Slip Tip
  • Shooting Range 32 feet


Power Band Lengths: 

  • Top Line Pull - 54.25"
  • Bottom Bands:
    • 1st - stretches through speargun to top line anchors 18mm x 15.5" (each side)
    • 2nd - 18mm x 15.5" (each side)
    • 3rd - 18mm x 32" (continuous band)

Band Stretch:

  • Bottom Bands:
    • 1st - 87.5"
    • 2nd - 48.5"
    • 3rd - 50.5"
    • 4th - 50.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andrew Lim
Form and Function!

150 inverted. I recently purchased this gun for a Wahoo trip and was stunned by the quick delivery and excellent packaging. First of all the gun is a work of art, the combination of Burmese teak and carbon fiber laminate is stunning. In the water the gun performed flawlessly, a combination of power and accuracy with almost no recoil. I was so impressed that I’m looking to get it’s little brother.

Great balance of mechanics

165 inverted- At first i needed this gun out of necessity because i blew my shoulder apart and needed something with less kick. Now it will be hard to go back to my original tuna gun. Theres a transition some may have going from traditional to inverted because there's a bit of adjustment going into expecting the raise and recoil with larger guns. Bonus for me are, You dont need wings, the balance on the gun is the best ive ever felt before, deadly accurate and yes i can shoot with just one arm. So why not own one of these?

Max Rovinsky
The perfect gun

When you need something that can shoot a fish from 10 lbs to 1000 lbs I don’t think that there is a better weapon than this. Easy to load, adjustable power, neutral weight in the water, and of course extraordinarily accurate. Proven time and time again, this gun is a breadwinner, trusted and reliable. When other guns may stop in the head of thick skulled fish, this will go all the way through, and with the 8.5 mil shaft and slip tip, it is definitely not coming off. Gun of a lifetime!

165cm : Everything you want and more!

I love this gun! Not only is it smooth as butter to shoot but it packs all the heat and reach you need for big game fish. I've shot mine one-handed behind my back and landed fish. This thing is a Blue water dream, its my go-to rig and I've taken it to various parts of the world to hunt. from Yellow tail and Mahi to king fish and wahoo, up into big Tuna and Marlin, this gun will handle it with style and precision. safe to say you'll be the coolest chap in the ocean with this thing. even the fish are memorized by it.

Andrew Reinhart
165 Inverted Roller, 1/16” non-coated cable, Mori Slip w/cable

The reduced kick, or lack of, translates to improved accuracy and will give you a wider shot range.. meaning if for some reason you need to swing and shoot sideways you won’t rip your thumb off.
Having the top bands inset to the gun gives the gun a small profile for how much power it holds. 90% of the bands are under the gun which makes it stable side to side.
Yes this gun will shoot further and straighter then who cares, but what really make this gun stand out to me is the speed of the shot.

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