3D Reef Green™ Camo Wetsuit
3D Reef Green™ Camo Wetsuit
3D Reef Green™ Camo Wetsuit
3D Reef Green™ Camo Wetsuit

3D Reef Green™ Camo Wetsuit

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  • Reef Camo 
  • Warm 3mm, 5mm & 7mm thickness
  • Durable rubber Knee/Arm Pads full length
  • Durable & Flexible open cell rubber
  • Comfortable Microfiber+INVISTA ultra flexible outer fabric
  • Rubber Reinforced beavertail clips
  • *NEW* Knife Pocket

3D Reef Green Camouflage - Our inspiration for this design came from the green eelgrass covered reefs. Blend into your local California, Baja and other waters! A blend of Green, Black and Tan with a honeycomb pattern to break up your silhouette so you don't stand out as a predator. Fade into the reef - Higher contrast suit great on the reef bottom where there's lots of natural contrast between reef, urchins, plant life and their shadows. 

New Green Camo wetsuit with an open cell neoprene interior and super-elastic Microfiber+INVISTA lining. This wetsuit sets itself apart by its stretchiness and softness making it extremely comfortable and warm. Thick and ultra-grip rubber chest loading pad to assist the hunter comfortably in a two-part loading phase. The beaver tail uses the conventional two button nylon locking system. Extremely durable & abrasion resistant rubberized arm and knee pads for laying out on the reef. High waist pants w/ hooded top.

The outside of the wetsuit is lined with Microfibre +INVISTA woven together with Lycra to create a more durable wetsuit with the best flexibility. INVISTA is high quality fibers and fabrics; the ingredient materials you might find in your apparel, bedding, upholstery and equipment. INVISTA's fibers and fabrics are not only durable, they can be strong, soft, and stretchy. Camouflage pattern is created on this fabric by painting every thread. When the fabric stretches there's no whiteness and the material holds up extremely well to UV exposure. 

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