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BTS Suit Slime

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Get Into Your Suit With Ease & Without The Stink.

Open cell wetsuit lube used to put on your wetsuit with ease. Unscented Conditioner for people with fragrance allergies or divers that get nausea from conditioner fragrance. 16 oz. 

If you’re a salty have spent enough time in the water to know that fragrance can trigger nausea. This isn’t a desired effect, unless you are trying to feed the fish :) Furthermore, bad smells can scare away fish and dive partners.

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James Row
Great stuff that suit slime

Great stuff that suit slime - beats conditioner!

You’ll be slicker than Slick Rick

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are being able to benefit from other people’s experiences and hard work. Thank you for this product BTS!

I never had to try any other product to get into an open cell suit and won’t need to. This stuff is fragrance free (not the same as not having a smell) and it goes a long way if paired with the sprayer.

It does not have perfume or scents added to it and the natural smell is pretty neutral and not off putting at all. It’s slick and makes getting into an open cell suit easy! I recommend the sprayer because you’ll save more by not pouring it into your suit.

I’ve got a lot of hair and this slime prevents me from getting stuck, or ripping my suit when I put on my top and hood.

Try it out, you’ll be happy you did!

Great lube

You'll be in your suit so fast while your buddies smell like a mix of tropical rainforest and perfume.

ivan belinskiy
I like it.

I like it 👍.


It's ok.

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