Retail Sales Associate

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Looking for a great place to work?  Looking for a great team to be part of?  We have a spot for you!  We sell all kinds of spearfishing gear and related items from multiple spearfishing brands including our own, MORE importantly, we care about our customers and they connect with us because, we care about their world.  We are known for exceptional customer service; great gear AND we are located in the heart of Ventura.

As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of retail sales and hone your skills.  BTW, Blue Tuna is open 7 days a week :)

You should be enthusiastic, have an eye for detail, be a quick learner and looking for a career in retail.  You should also have a commitment to excellence.  Below are other qualities that we a looking for:

  • Customer-Focused Mindset
  • Customer service is our first priority and our products aim to provide solutions for our customer’s freediving needs.  You know how to center the needs of the customer and prioritize building trust with them.  You understand the importance of excellent customer service and you will want to give customers a great experience on their visit - encouraging them to have a long relationship with Blue Tuna, returning again and again!  

  • Genuine Enthusiasm for the Company and Products
  • You are enthusiastic about our brand.  You appreciate Blue Tuna Spearfishing’s products and understand its value to customers and you keep your enthusiasm with returning customers.

  • Active Listening and Trust-Building
  • You know how to actively listen and understand what challenges your customer faces and help find the right gear that solves their problem.   You are comfortable working in a team environment, giving and receiving feedback using your strong active listening skills.

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • You have excellent communication skills including assisting customers, taking direction from your manager, and providing feedback to your colleagues.  When faced with objections to your ideas or comments, you see opportunities for asking questions and continued conversation and frame your responses as solutions.

  • Deep Knowledge in Product or Inventory
  • You have the ability to learn and understand product information and Blue Tuna’s product inventory.  You can instruct customers on various product features that can benefit them.  You have the ability to empower customers, support them with their purchases and enhance Blue Tuna Spearfishing’s reputation. 

  • Empathic Attitude
  • You are empathetic, you can imagine what the customer is experiencing; you can imagine what kind of assistance you would like to receive if you were in their position.  You know how to meet them with solutions that fit the needs they are experiencing.  

  • Responsive Problem-Solving Customer Issues
  • You are solution oriented and know how to troubleshoot in a reasonable, prompt and decisive manner, problems customers may have with our products. 

  • Ability to Adapt & Prioritize Across Multiple Tasks and Unexpected Situations
  • You know how to take on new roles or responsibilities when needed and you are good at juggling various tasks – occasionally working against deadlines with competing priorities. You are adaptable and react to unexpected situations calmly, remaining open to trying new ideas if an initial solution doesn’t work.   If you don’t have the answer, you know someone that does.

  • Math, Money Handling & Experience with POS Software
  • You have working knowledge and experience with basic math and money handling skills.  When taking cash, you know how to count the amount of change back to the customer; for card transactions, you can discern what is a proper amount of sales and tax on any given item. You are proficient using computers and associated point of sale software.

  • Time Management
  • You know how to prioritize multiple tasks while balancing the right amount of time spent with each prospect knowing when to pivot when a conversation changes direction.

  • Ability to Learn Quickly and Accept Feedback
  • You are a quick learner and open to ideas and suggestions from senior members of your team.  You welcome learning about new techniques, products and skills.  

  • Retail Sales Experience
  • You have leadership experience and have worked with others. If you don’t have direct sales experience, perhaps you have organized events, participated in customer-service focused volunteer work and/or lead group projects.

  • Personal Autonomy
  • You have a strong sense of personal autonomy.  You work independently towards meeting your goals.  You perform tasks or duties independently — without being instructed to do so.

    If much of this sounds like a description of you – we have a place for you!  

    Salary ranges from $16/hour with the ability to earn $20/hour as competency and responsibilities increase.  Please be interested in making at least a two-year commitment.  To apply, please e-mail your letter of interest, your resume and three references to Natalie:  Please include a phone number, top 3 applicants will be interviewed.  

    Thank you for your interest in Blue Tuna Spearfishing.