Freedive Spearfishing Store Education Hour

 freedive spearfishing education hour

BTS Spearfishing Store Education Hour!

Looking to expand your knowledge on spearfishing gear and the tools to make your freedive spearfishing more impactful?

Join us for our Education Hour!

Starting Wednesday, February 7th from 4-5pm PST we will be hosting our Education Hour at the shop. If you can not make it to the shop don't worry, we will be live streaming it on our instagram page @blue_tuna_spearfishing.

Our first class will be about the history of Blue Tuna Spearfishing and our inspirations!

Upcoming Classes About Spearfishing Gear

February 7th - BTS history/inspiration 

February 21st - Fin socks/fins/wetsuits/gloves 

March 6th - Weight belts/catch bags/masks/snorkels

March 20th - Speargun anatomy/reels/floatlines

April 3rd - Fishing laws/local fish 

April 17th - Sharks/protection

May 1st - Floats/forms of getting out  

May 15th - Dive trip planning tools

In Store Raffle!!

One ticket per person will be given at the beginning.

$5 for more entries

Prizes ranging from $25-100

We are looking forward to sharing our information and insight to help you feel more comfortable in and out of the water!! See you all then!!