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      Hand crafted by Andre Wicaksana from the finest materials available. All of the spearguns are made from teakwood except the Ironwood Series. Teakwood / Ironwood contain oils that repel water and prevent warping it's the best wooden speargun material. These are superior woods to use for speargun construction and being submerged in saltwater. Our spearguns will shoot with a dependable accuracy and they are extremely durable. 


      The spearguns are designed to be powerful, accurate, silent, and highly maneuverable. The Balance of each model is very important to us. Each speargun is ballasted for buoyancy control and stability. Every speargun has the ideal weight shaft relative to the number and size of power bands. Overall, we create a perfectly balanced speargun to maximize the effective shooting range and accuracy. 


      Choose your speargun's handle between: asymmetric teak, ergonomic right or left handed, or an AR grip. Each handle uses a stainless steel frame for the best strength. The handle can be removed for traveling. Our spearguns feature extension at the butt for hip loading leverage. Furthermore, all of our spearguns feature a recessed groove carved out of the stock to guide the accurately down the barrel. Some of our spearguns come with an enclosed track made from Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (also know as UHMW enclosed track). The UHMW is a very tough material, with the highest impact strength, extremely low moisture absorption and a very low coefficient of friction. UHMW is highly resistant to abrasion, in some forms being 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. 


      Spearos can find the design they love and expect consistent results from any speargun in that quiver. Swing & shoot without compensating your aim when you change spearguns. 


      Spearos who love a Rear Handle Placement can choose from our first three models in the Ironwood Series: Ironwood 110Ironwood  120, and Ironwood 145. These are classic designs for a variety of hunting.


      If you are a fan of a Mid-Handle Placement, we have plenty of options:


      The Mid-Handle design improves maneuverability and increases power. The mechanism sits further to the rear giving more band pull and more power. There are the Ironwood Series Mid-Handles and the Mid-Handles series. Both models have a very aquadynamic shape that minimizes the height of the speargun to decrease drag. The Mid-Handle series have more mass to decrease the recoil of the larger spearguns and they have more hand carved detail that makes it a more curvey speargun. 


      Our newest Roller Series spearguns are a grand slam!Amazing power and little to no recoil! Offering a range of teak roller spearguns for reef or blue water hunting. The inverted or double roller spearguns are ideal to blue water hunt big game fish like dorado, yellowtail, kingfish, wahoo or tuna. The cuddlefish shape allows the speargun to cut through the water effortlessly while tracking fish. You will not even notice that you are carrying a blue water speargun. Sleek, Sexy & Compact. 


      The Euro Series and the Ironwood Series are all original design with Euro Handle Placement or Mid-Handle Placement. Both the Euro and Ironwood Series maximize their mass without compromising performance. 


      The Euro Series design is created by laminating four or more teak planks from side-to-side for a wide horizontal, but narrow vertical build. The wide design adds mass to the speargun, decreasing recoil and increasing accuracy. The narrow vertical build offers less drag while tracking fish. Up around the muzzle are hand carved Power Band Groves which allow the bands to sit on a more even plane with the shaft. In conclusion: Simple, Elegant & Deadly.


      The Ironwood Series are the best spearguns for the price. These are three laminate spearguns, with one ironwood laminate down the center and two padauk laminates on the side. Ironwood is one of the worlds most durable and dense woods with extremely high tensile strength that exceeds properties of teakwood. The contrast between warm color of the ironwood and the light color of the padauk makes for a beautiful and exotic looking speargun. The speargun stock design has a wide horizontal body, but narrow vertical build creating a superior speargun for tracking fish. The mass is in the width of the speargun to maintain accuracy and recoil stability.  


      Overall, our spearguns offer under water hunters the best spearguns tailored to their hunting territory, whether spearfishing in the shallow rock reef areas to the deep blue water hunting large pelagic fish. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a 5% price match guarantee. We are confident that we offer the best price spearguns around. If you find a similar model we will beat our competitor's price by 5% for 90 days. We know you're going to love your new Andre Speargun! 


      Do you have a dream model speargun that we don't already offer? We will custom build your next speargun. Order Time: ~ 10 weeks. Some orders can be expedited but the shipping will be more expensive.

      10 products

      10 products