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Spectra Reel line 500-725-1000 lb strength per foot

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Made in USA. The lines coming from China have been really inconsistant in their tensile strength ratings and they don't hold their form. Unlike most lines, our Spectra® is pre stretched and coated with polyurethane to protect the fibers. Other lines let dirt/sand into the fibers that break down the line.

This has been our favorite reel line. We have tested many types and this line deploy off the spool the best. We find that the flat design let's maximize your spool capacity compared to rounded line. The round lines tend to clump up on the spool, causing line pinch and takes up more volume than the flat design. 

The polyurethane coating has less friction, improving it's performance when shooting near structure and will give you less snags. Furthermore, it's the most durable. Some lines people claim to be "spectra" or "dyneema" but they're not telling you that it's only a small percentage of spectra on the exterior and the internal core is a weak nylon cord. Our spectra is 100% braided Spectra®. 

We prefer White color because it reflects light the best and makes it easy to find your fish. 

Choose the most durable, most reliable, and the best Spectra®.



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