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Made in California


Come with us to freedive spearfish for yellowtail on offshore reefs & paddy hopping in Southern California.






Where the Road Ends

(Dec 2015) 

Where the road ends is where our adventures begin. This has been an epic season for spearfishing. The bait fish have been 

Where the Road Ends

(Nov 2015) 

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Where the road ends is where our adventures begin. This has been an epic season for spearfishing. The bait fish have been plentiful and so have the pelagic fish. Come with us to fly above the Channel Islands and dive into the blue water to see we can find. Watch a variety of drone shots, polespearing barracuda, large schools of yellowtail, black sea bass, and more!


BUGS - Lobster Freediving

(Oct 2014) 

Come with us to discover reef structure with an abundance of lobsters. We hunt in teams to stir the lobsters from their holes and quickly grab them before they bury themselves into another hole. Watch us intercept lobsters before they slip through our fingertips!


YT - Spearfishing Yellowtail 

(Aug 2014) 

What an epic summer for spearfishing Yellowtail! The ocean temperatures were consistently above seventy degrees with forty to eighty feet of visibility. Most kelp beds were full of bait and large schools of Yellowtail. Watch a variety of shots on YT – running with the reel line as I try to prevent the massive Black Sea Bass from stealing our fish!


California Dreaming - Freedive Spearfishing Southern California

(May 2014)

We cover 160 miles of  California's Pacific Ocean, from the beaches north of Point Conception to the Southern Channel Islands to freedive spearfish and enjoy the occasional surf. We often dream about our adventures...see what our dreams are made of and discover foxes, blowholes, sand pipers, scallops, lobster, underwater caves, urchin covered reefs, kelp canopies, moray eels, calicos, sheephead, stingrays, and the elusive white sea bass.



Drift, Spearfishing Central America

(April 2014)

Drift: a slow and gradual movement or change from one place...see what we discover off the beaten path and in the waters of Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.



Return to Nica - Spearfishing the Reef. 

(Nov 2013)

It's always great to be back in Nicaragua. The reef always provides! All of our favorite fish showed up while spearfishing our favorite reefs. There were Pargos, Sierras, Jacks and big Rooster Fish! The water was 80-82 degrees with good visibility. Dave's house is on the sand and the panga is about 50ft away. Throw your swim trunks on and dive all day. We took a break from diving and scored some solid 8ft surf. We shared our fish with the locals & they prepared some new recipes that were absolutely delicious -- smoke jack, smoked needlefish and rooster ceviche!


Spearfishing Baja BOLA

(Sept 2013)

We drove fourteen hours from Ventura to Bay of Los Angeles, Baja Mexico. It was well worth the drive...the water was 80 to 85 degrees, the reefs were full of fish, the landscapes were beautiful, we discovered whalesharks and more. We brought back over 100 pounds of filets and had such a fun trip. 

Reef Spearfishing California

(Sept 2013)

September can have some very clear water, here we had around 50 foot visibility at most spots! Come explore the urchin covered reef with us, through cracks, kelp, and caves. Where we find black sea bass, schools of bat rays, torpedo rays, seals, angel shark, lobsters, scallops and more. 

WSB - Spearfishing White Sea Bass

(July 2013)

I enjoy every minute of the summer, knowing the winter is around the corner and the big White Sea Bass will quickly disappear. Come with me to quietly cruise the kelp to see what we can find. Watch a variety of shots on WSB - surface shots, using a reel with personal float & espetto shots. 

(July 2013)

Puerto Vallarta, Spearo Rodeo 

(March 2013) 

A group of friends travel to Mexico in search of the rumored "walls of yellowfin tuna". Join us on our fun spearfishing adventure into the crystal clear tropical water where we find sea turtles, dolphins, and other rare creatures.  

Full Circle, Spearfishing Nicaragua

My recent trip to Nicaragua took me on an adventure spearfishing the reefs & out into the blue water. This was an adaptation of an article I wrote, "Full Circle" that was published in Hawaii Skindiver International issue 52. Come with us to find out what we find in the blue water...and to discover Nicaragua.

(March 2012) 

Spearfishing & more at Santa Cruz Island (Channel Islands) 

Matt Davidson, Max Mironov, and Nicole Peters Spearfishing Lingcod and more at Santa Cruz Island. 4 knot wind, 76 degrees outside, the surf was flat and the visibility was over 50 ft. Huge 25+ pound sheepshead swimming around the colorful reef. We got a nice variety for our dinner plates...Lings, Lobster, Scallops, Cabazon, Calico, and Ocean Whitefish. Great footage of Jellyfish, Pelicans, Seals and more. Enjoy!