BTS Fiberglass StoneCrab Camo Fins
BTS Fiberglass StoneCrab Camo Fins
BTS Fiberglass StoneCrab Camo Fins

BTS Fiberglass StoneCrab Camo Fins

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BTS Fiberglass StoneCrab Camo Fins (Modular Footpocket and Fin Blades Fully Assembled)

Upgrade your plastic blade to fiberglass and get better propulsion! Dive deeper with less energy.

Our new Hydro Footpocket together with our fiberglass blades offer the best in performance, fit and comfort. 

The Hydro™ footpocket is wider and taller at the front & top of the foot to reduce pressure on the foot that would cause cramping or discomfort. This shape ensures a better fit for most divers.

The angle between foot-pocket and blade is 22 degrees for natural ergonomics. The blade angle makes surface kicking and deep diving more efficient and comfortable. The thermo rubber design of the footpocket is three part:

1.) slightly softer compound around the foot to increases comfort, reduce cramping or pressure
2.) slightly stiffer and thicker compound in the base of the footpocket to best transfer energy to the blades
3.) The tendon was made slightly shorter and more flexible to ensure you get the best flex to the blade, allowing it to be loaded with the energy to maximize propulsion. 

Our Fiberglass Blades are 76cm length and medium compound for the best propulsion. The base of the blade is thicker to transfer the energy down the blade & thinner at the tip. They feature c-rail water grooves down the blade to guide the water.

The are specifically created for freedive spearfishing, and come in 2 stiffness ratings to make selection simple.Medium/Soft: Recommended for most all divers, but highly recommended for divers under 220 pounds 


  • StoneCrab Camouflage - Our inspiration for this design came from the bottom dwellers like the stone crabs. Blend into your local California, Baja and other waters! Grey, Orange and Red blend so well at depth that you will fade into the background of the reef. Higher contrast suit great on the reef bottom where there's lots of natural contrast between reef, urchins, plant life and their shadows. 


  • 22 degree angle
  • 20cm x 76cm
  • Full length rubber rail for protection hydrodynamic stability and for silent swimming. Made from Hand-laminated mixture of resins with fiberglass, processed in moulds under a vacuum
  • C-rail to guide the water off the blade for better efficiency

Available in sizes

  • EU 39-40,  Fits US 6-7.5
  • EU 41-42,  Fits US 8-9.5
  • EU 43-44, Fits US 10-11.5
  • EU 45-46, Fits US 12-13


  • Two years full warranty for materials and craftsmanship

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Incredibly comfortable

    A pleasure to use. The foot pockets are wonderful and the fin proportions are great for beginner line diving or typical California spearfishing. I'm not sure why this works, but the foot pockets are much easier to get on than, but also stay on just as well as other foot pockets I've used. The service was amazing as well (seriously).

    This hasn't been a problem but the only issue I've seen is minor waves in the blade lamination. I haven't seen any full delamination though, and I imagine they'll last just as long as other fiberglass blades. I will definitely be back to BTS.

    Kaitlyn Baugher
    Great products

    Fins are awesome and very well made. I would recommend to beginners and experienced divers alike!

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