BTS Fish Stringer Multi Tool

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BTS Fish Stringer Multi Tool

Streamline method for braining your fish and scaling them.

Shaft Straightening tool incase you bend your tip. 

Just tread the stainless steel spike through the eye socket of the fish and push the fish towards your back. The fish will be in the wake of your body and have less drag than a traditional hoop stringer. It's quieter and more comfortable too.  Place the composite stringer sheath on one side of your weight belt and put the monofilament loop on the opposite side of your weight belt. The sheath has a loop for attaching other gear, like carabiners, lobster gauges, lights ... or anything useful. 


  • Kill Spike
  • Fish Scaler
  • Shaft Straightener Hole
  • Holes for mounting line around waist
  • Sturdy Belt Sheath Carabiner Loop


Blue Tuna Spearfishing

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