Andre Spearguns 120 Euro open track

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The EURO 120 open track is a euro style handle speargun, giving you additional reach to project your shots. The mechanism and shaft sit at the end of the speargun allowing for more band stretch giving more power.

The EURO 120 speargun has 2 power bands. The EURO 120 is great for spearfishing around rock reef and coral areas in the shallows. Its shorter stock is easily maneuverable into tight spaces, like into cracks or under rocks where rock fish such as lingcod, calico, and snapper hide. This is also an excellent model for hunting fish like halibut, and white seabass in lower visibility.

The teak laminate layers on the EURO 120 are laminated from side-to-side, giving the EURO 120 a wide body, with a narrow vertical build. This wide design adds weight to the speargun to decrease muzzle kick & increase accuracy. Furthermore, the sleek design offers less drag while tracking the fish.

The spear track is recessed into the stock to guide the spear accurately down the barrel. The groove is durable and an excellent design feature compared to an eye hole spear tracks which break easily and reduce accuracy. 

The EURO 120 speargun uses a larger diameter spear. The spear is more durable, resisting damage from the fish bending it, or direct impact from hitting rocks.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Experience the difference with your new Andre Spearguns Euro 120 - 50 inch stock length, two 5/8"x22" power bands, 9/32"x54" shaft, and 18 feet effective shooting range.




Andre Spearguns

Please note that Freediving and spearfishing are inherently dangerous sports and should only be undertaken by experienced, well-trained divers. More powerful spearguns must be fired with two hands and a locked elbow to prevent injury from excess recoil. Do not load or unload your speargun out of the water, treat every speargun as if it were loaded. Never point your speargun at anything you do not intend to shoot. Before you begin your dive, be sure to check all your gear. You should never dive alone and your equipment should be serviced regularly. You should always plan your dive and dive your plan. You should discuss safety precautions, your plan, and contingency plans with everyone onboard BEFORE you dive. Communication among divers and operators is imperative. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could potentially result in physical harm or death.  Blue Tuna Spearfishing is not responsible for any loss, damage, harm, or death caused by using any of our products.

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