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Demos, Rentals, Trade-ins


Try before you buy! Test out the newest freedive spearfishing equipment before you buy or just enjoy a high performance demo for the day. Demos are available at our new Ventura Store location. 

Rental Rates

 1 Day1 week   

Mask (low profile)

$10 $38      


$3 $9      

Freediving fins

$15 $57      

Weight Belt

$15 $37      

Wetsuit (open cell)

 $30  $100      

Trade Ins

We have a trade in program that allows are clients to grow with us as their spearfishing skills improve. Often times, people that are new to spearfishing have a tendency to spend less on their gear because of they're not sure how much they will like spearfishing. Naturally, they love the sport & find that they should have purchased equipment that's a little better or different. We offer them a *credit for their gear towards their purchase of new equipment.
Because of our trade in program we also offer used gear anywhere from 15-50% off.

*credit varies depending on the brand and condition of the equipment.