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9/32" Sling Shaft for Reel

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9/32" Sling Shaft for Reel

Our long anticipated sling shafts are finally here. After countless versions and over a year of R&D, we are finally releasing what we think is the ultimate shaft for the Guerrilla Sling, allowing you to use a reel with your sling and land better fish than ever before. 

Most sling shafts are either 1/4" or 5/16" diameters, but we are using 9/32" diameter. This gives us the the range and speed of a lighter 1/4" shaft, but the strength and punch of the heavier 5/16" shafts. The best of both worlds. We heat treat the shafts to 52 rockwell to help resist bending and keep the tips sharp. 

Traditional sling shafts use smaller floppers. This is because most slings aren't powerful enough to punch a regular flopper through a fish. But the Guerrilla Sling is powerful enough, so we source longer floppers for these shafts. These longer floppers are important when you are using a reel, because now you are pulling on the fish. You need that shaft to hold strong and a smaller flopper just can't do that. 


But the most unique attribute of our sling shafts is the slide ring system that allow you to use a reel with your sling.  You attach the line from the reel to the sliding ring. This ring stays in front of the sling as you pull the shaft through. Then after you shoot, the shaft flies forward and the slide ring moves easily down the length of the spear shaft until it catches on the rear of the shaft. We have created a special rear cap that threads onto the back end of our shafts. This cap is secured "permanently" with thread locker and stops the slide ring from sliding off the rear of the shaft.  


We offer the shafts fully rigged with the cap and the slide ring. This shaft is ready to go right out of the box. Just tie the reel line to it and you are all set. We also sell the shafts without the slide ring and rear cap. So if you ever bend a shaft on a monster fish, you can simply transplant the slide ring and the cap to a new shaft. 


  • 9/32" Diameter (7.18mm)
  • 60" Length
  • 1 lb
  • 17-4 PH stainless steel
  • Heat treated to 52 rockwell



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